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Thetford vs Dometic RV Toilet: Which is a Better RV Toilet?

Written by Stephen Ryan / Fact checked by William Turner

thetford vs dometic rv toilet

Are you wondering which between Thetford vs Dometic RV toilet is the best for your motorhome? These two brands are well-known worldwide for their reliable, durable, and high-quality toilets for recreational vehicles.

Choosing between these two RV toilet brands can be daunting for the first-time RV owner. It is one thing to say you will not miss a thing if you choose either. It is another matter to know the brands’ subtle differences to ensure a better-informed buying decision.

In general, while both companies make excellent products, Dometic offers users more choices.

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Thetford and Dometic Brands


Ask any seasoned RVer which motorhome toilet they recommend, and they will give you one of two answers: Dometic or Thetford. These two brands have become synonymous with RV toilets that it is pretty challenging to think of any other fixture to put in your motorhome’s comfort room.


Established in 1963, Thetford is an American brand that has a global presence. Outside the US, its headquarters is in The Netherlands. In the US, Thetford calls Ann Arbor, Michigan home.

The company is passionate about traveling and camping, producing high-quality products with exceptional attention to detail. It introduced its first low-profile RV toilet in 1964 and has never looked back since.

Today, Thetford RV toilets are the epitome of design and functionality, created solely to make RVing adventures as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Although younger than Thetford, having been established only in 2001, Dometic has become one of the most trusted names in RV toilets and other products for pleasure boating, recreational vehicles, and hospitality industries.

The Swedish brand has an international presence and a strong following, underscoring the quality of its offerings.

Thetford RV Toilets


Thetford RV toilets are some of the world’s best, thanks to its four decades of expertise developing and creating products that wow RVers.

The company was the first to introduce the cassette toilet with an ingenious waste-holding tank people can remove for optimum convenience.

You can rely on the company’s ergonomic design, ensuring maximum comfort whenever you use the toilet. All Thetford RV toilets offer exceptional usability with elegance to match. There are many options to choose from, complete with features that the competition can only dream of.

Thetford provides extraordinary support to go with their outstanding RV toilets. You will never run out of Thetford RV toilet parts because leading hardware and e-commerce stores carry them.

Here are two of Thetford’s most popular RV toilets.

Aqua-Magic V RV

You will never miss home if you have Thetford’s Aqua-Magic V RV. It has a classic style but with taller seating for effortless access. The rugged lid is perfect for resisting scuffs and scratches, while its two-in-one flushing mechanism simplifies excreta management.

Weighing less than 10 pounds, this Thetford RV toilet is a breeze to install. It is sufficiently compact to fit in our RV restroom’s cramped space.

Perhaps the only issue with this RV toilet is its shallow bowl. You can expect a bit of spray on your buttocks when using it.

Aqua-Magic Style II

With its more contemporary look, the Aqua-Magic Style II is perfect for RV owners who want a touch of pizzazz in their mobile restrooms. The toilet is tall, making it effortless for people with leg and back problems to sit and stand effortlessly.

The RV toilet features a China bowl complete with a powerful flush for more sanitary use. Flushing is never an issue because all you need is a simple press of the pedal to bid your excreta goodbye.

The downside is the Style II only comes in white.

Dometic RV Toilets

Not to be outdone, Dometic designs its RV toilets with exceptional durability and contemporary styling in mind. Perhaps one of the trump cards of Dometic is its product range, which is sufficiently more expansive than what Thetford offers.

Hence, in the Dometic vs Thetford RV toilet debate, the latter comes out as the winner as far as the product range is concerned.

You might want to check out these two RV toilets making waves in Dometic’s lineup.

310 Series

Dometic’s 310 Series of RV toilets are some of the world’s most stylish, looking like a super-sized yet elegant vase in your RV’s restroom. It is also one of the most durable, thanks to Dometic’s premium-quality ceramic bowl.

It is a full-sized toilet that provides exceptional flushing performance. While its bowl is ceramic, its base is heavy-duty plastic, giving it a lightweight characteristic for hassle-free installation.

My only concern is its seat height. If you are a six-footer, you will find this toilet less than pleasant to do your business.

320 Series

The Dometic 320 RV toilet is one of the most comfortable one can ever install in a motorhome. It has a deep bowl that minimizes, if not eliminates, sprays and splashes. The bowl’s design also makes users feel more confident when sitting on it to do their business.

The toilet also comes with a spray faucet to ensure 100% cleaning. Its foot pedal is also a lot easier to operate than other brands. Users will also find its vitreous ceramic construction exceptionally durable, while its wooden enameled seat is a joy to rest our buttocks on.

Sadly, some people find its round base less than appealing.

Which Should You Choose?

I cannot tell you which between a Dometic and Thetford RV toilet you should pick for your motorhome. Both are trustworthy brands that deliver exceptional products.

What you can do is to assess the overall quality of each product you want to buy. Considering the bowl’s diameter and depth, including the toilet seat height, should help you narrow down your choice. You might also want to check your budget.


Choosing between a Thetford vs Dometic RV toilet boils down to your personal preferences. Both brands deliver exceptional comfort, effortless use, and remarkable durability.

However, Dometic has the edge in terms of the number of products it offers. On the other hand, Thetford’s four-decade expertise is something worth considering. A company will not last this long if it churns out mediocre-quality products.

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